Birrificio della Granda takes care of its beers. From the land. The Family farm, located in the Northwest region of Italy, Piedmont, harvests their own ingredient, the malted barley, upon strict agricultural rules. The farm ensures the highest environmental standards in crafting 8 different and very unique kinds of beers. All crafting processes are carefully followed by the Family and their workers, sharing an inner passion for nature, its fruits and its care.


There are 8 different kinds of Birrificio della Granda beers, each with a very personal and refined taste, able to create a perfect balance and match any taste, in terms of personal preferences and combinations with flavors of food. The beer tastes are distinct and immediate, with each their own strong personality.


In order to classify its beers, Birrificio della Granda created a beer toner, a chromatic scale on the back label of the bottle, that easily allows customers to identify the color of the beer and its main aspects.


The Company style has been carefully studied to transmit simplicity within a friendly, dynamic, young and fresh style. The labels express the basic, essential character of each flavor: style, alcohol, color (beer tone), bitterness, perfume, body. Enjoyment and leisure tips: music pairing and environment.