Alchemy – (Italian Grape Ale)

When the beer meets wine…

The meeting was a complete success, between wine and beer, reached by putting together mash of aromatic grapes to hops and malt. A wonderful recipe “scaldacuore”, to give new paths to challenging dishes nights border.

Color: deep red
Alcohol content: 9.0% Vol.
Aroma: fruity / winey
Body: full
Description: Amber beer, brewed with aromatic muscat grapes. Awesome heart heater for exciting moments and unexpected companion to important dishes.

musical pairing: “The man who sold the world”, the most famous cover of one of the iconic songs by David Bowie, performed by Nirvana in 1993 to deliver it directly to the story.

Template (PDF)

“Italy Winner” category Fruit/Vegetable – WBA 2017