Black Hop Sun – (Black IPA)

Black, dry and bitter as a cutting blade!
Anger to be disposed of? A glass of this bitter beer, dry, black as a nightmare and sharp as a blade. And everything passes.

Color: black
Alcohol content: 7.0% Vol.
Aroma: citrus and toasted
Body: Medium
Description: the contrast between the malty notes of a Stout, and the scent of a PAH becomes a great aromatic complexity.
musical pairing: “Black Hole Sun”, a little ‘healthy grunge made in Seattle Soundgarden, with vague hints “beatlasiani”.

Template (PDF)

birra_dellanno_2016“Birra dell’anno” (Beer Of The Year) category Speciality IPA – Ass. Unionbirrai 2016

world_beer_award_2016_style_winner “World’s Best Style” category Black IPA – WBA 2016

world_beer_award_2016_italy_winner“Italy Winner” category Black IPA – WBA 2016

“Italy Winner” category Black IPA – WBA 2017