Double Trouble – (DDH IPA)

HopCyborg invasion!

DOUBLE TROUBLE our DDH IPA; The abbreviation “DDH” stands for “Double Dry Hopped” or double dose of hop during fermentation and maturation!
The aroma is unmistakable and aggressive but in the mouth it flows away with immense pleasure.
Undoubtedly our most hopped beer … We started all over again, rethinking the whole production process to  manage an incredible hopping together with the slow maturation in bottle typical of our beers. The yeast helps to process the fruity aromas transforming them into even richer and more intense ones.
The complexity of refermentation is added to the usual olfactory explosion of super hopped beers.

Color: gold
Alcohol content: 6.0% Vol.
Aroma: Heavy Hoppy!
Body: dry
Description: Aggressively hopped but easy drinking beer!
musical pairing:Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble – “Pride and Joy”

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