LiveD – (Quadrupel)

The complexity of the most intense of the Belgian styles

Inspired by the powerful brewery style born in the abbeys of Belgium. Diabolic (try to invert the name!) And enveloping like in an irresistible spell. LiveD continues the Belgian route, started with AbbaziAle and SpirituAle. It is the final step of a brewery path where alcohol, body and aromatic complexity grow. The yeasts selected by us have the ability to tame a beer with a very high alcohol content and to merge multiple and intense aromas. The ecstasy of senses!


Colour: black
Alcohol: 10,5% by Vol.
Aroma: fruity , spicy and caramel
Body: medium
Description: inspired by the most intense of Belgian beers, it’s fermented at high temperatures to give way to its yeast to express itself at its best
musical pairing:  Black Pistol Fire “Speak of the Devil”

Template (PDF)