Ivano Astesana

Profili (4)Biologist, works as a computer consultant around Italy, but he can think of only one thing: going back in Lagnasco, his home, to cultivate the land. When he succeeds, the passion of the past resurfaces: homebrewing. Using a shed on the farm remained empty, everything starts again. But now everything is different.
Passionate about music 90 years, particularly grunge, he likes to read classic literature and run. He strongly hates conformism.

Davide Cravero

He grows up in the hills, studies by the Salesians and despite this he always loves beer. He also began homebrewing, plagued by the project of the Birrificio della Granda, giving himself entirely: soul, body and foam.

In addition to beer he loves motocross, indeed all the bikes, and can’t stand those who in life do not put effort.

Nicolò Devale

Expert mechanic and heavy-metal bass player, he plays in a band with parents and in an acoustic-rock trio.

Despite his rock look, he is a mild and tolerant guy, but do not provoke him by offering a beer without character …

Enrico Cravero

He comes from the hotel school, where he dreamed of becoming a chef. But then he had a second thought and preferred brewing to cooking. Like his brother Davide, he loves motorbikes, especially by roadbykes, and football.

If you have an appointment with him, please don’t be late: he can’t stand it.

Fabio Garigliano

The pictures of the labels are his work. Graphic designer, illustrator, philosopher, lover of beer and music, he manages the Turin beershop “LOsFUSO” (www.losfusotorino.it), while in his spare time mishandles his Fender Stratocaster!