Hamburgers and craft beer: our rules for a perfect match!

26 May 2020

Whether lounging comfortably on the terrace or watching a movie, burgers and craft beer are the ideal dinner: enjoyable, delicious and satisfying.

Once the quintessence of American cuisine, today the hamburger has become a gourmet dish with dozens of versions created by chefs all over the world.

Do you often make hamburgers for your family or for dinners with friends?

In this article we will give you a few simple instructions for making the perfect  burger and pairing it with one of our Granda craft beers.

For the burger:

RULE NUMBER 1: meat 

Choose the meat or ask your butcher to mince, not grind, a cut of plate or brisket and to add to the amount you need around 20% of a fat component, which will add taste and consistency to the hamburger and prevent it from being dry.

RULE NUMBER 2: cooking 

If it is either overcooked or undercooked, your hamburger will be inedible. Make sure, therefore, that the result is perfect by cooking it on a hot (preferably smooth) griddle, turning the hamburger several times – taking care not to crush it! This will help to seal in the juices of the meat and produce a crispy surface. 

RULE NUMBER 3: toppings 

Be careful not to overdo it, or you will end up smothering the taste of the meat and adding too many flavours to your burger, which is delicious even on its own. Always balance sauces well, and avoid putting too many together in one bun! 

Now let’s move on to your choice of beer. 

As with all the other combinations, the pairing of burgers and craft beer depends on the concept of balance: richer, more complex burgers demand a more structured beer, while burgers made with simple ingredients go best with cool beers such as lagers. 

Pairing with Granda craft beers 


For a simple hamburger, served in a classic sweet bun with mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato, our Kloe is the right choice of beer. This Pils, fresh with a dry palate and slightly fruity notes, balances perfectly with the flavour of the meat and cleans the mouth with every sip. 


Your hamburger is a little more complex, with mustard replacing the mayonnaise, some cheese or a slice of mozzarella on the meat, and spinach or a  more complex vegetable instead of lettuce. At this point a Pils is no longer a good match, you need a beer with more pronounced flavours, such as an IPA, a Blanche or a Saison. 

Xtra-IPA, Sirena or Enfasi?

By pairing one of these three beers with your hamburger you will emphasise their slightly bitter notes, dry body and conspicuous aromatic notes that distinguish them, without covering the flavour of the meat but harmoniously balancing it out. 


The third and last recommended pairing is the strongest, the one for the strongest palates but also those who love to experiment. The burger has additional ingredients such as bacon, and flavours include the smoky notes of barbecue sauce and the intrusiveness of a stronger cheese, which go well with a more intense amber or even dark beer. Try your strong burger with our SpritAle or Black Hop Sun, and tell us what you think!  

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