Strong Lager – Alc. 8% Vol. – 33cl
Can 33cl
Inspired by the MaiBock style, Ghosst is a solitary type.
Pale amber, intense, she’s tough yet calm on the outside. She knows how to control her temper, and chooses her friends carefully.
If you’re lucky enough to be among them, you’ll be fine!
Ingredients: water, barley malt, candy sugar, hops, yeast

Can 33 cl


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Fermentation: lager.

Recommended serving temperature: 6° C


A strong beer inspired by the MaiBock style.


2120. The world has been devastated by conflicts triggered by the multinationals, who after the Boston Agreement of 2069 were able, by popular acclaim, to establish their own nations and set up armies.
Court trials were followed by nuclear wars, in an escalation that led to the desertification of 90% of the planet.
The multinationals’ desire to control and condition the masses turned their CEOs into fully-fledged emperors of the few surviving branded megalopolises in which most of humanity is clustered.
A very strong sense of belonging clouds the minds of their citizens, but does nothing to eliminate the burgeoning crime, driven by poverty.

There is one common enemy: inhabitants of the other cities.

Meanwhile, the brands are getting richer on the back of the people.

But change is on the horizon. “Here come the Girls!”

You won’t often see her around. She does black market deals with the outside world, mainly arms or technology.
To go in and out of the city walls she has to get through ventilation systems, pipes and sewers.
To protect herself from noxious fumes she wears her mask, which she likes to wear anyway when out and about as it means she can avoid talking to other people. There are very few people she can stand, except for The Girls – but she hardly ever talks to them either.

A glance is enough for her to make herself understood.
Her cold character enables her to do her complex job.
Her clothes protect her from scanners that might give her away.
She has a backpack to carry the objects that she’s dealing in; around her waist is a belt with tools for breaking locks, cutting wire netting and cracking IT systems. An expert in infiltrations, if you look the other way she’ll disappear in a flash.

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