The Movement

This time at which we’re updating our image is not simply a restyling for us: it symbolises a major evolution that’s going on inside the brewery, which we want to bring to the outside world!
As we have grown and evolved, we realised just how important it is that the craft breweries movement (both in Italy and abroad) is united as one. That movement also includes distributors, publicans and their customers!
There’s no point cutting our nose off to spite our face and fighting over a market that’s super interesting and fun, but still has plenty of potential for growth.

So bearing that in mind let’s take off our masks: we’ll go first!
We’re going through a very difficult time on the market – but it’s the perfect opportunity to pull together and act as a system!
From the distributors who have allowed us to develop and grow into who we are, to the publicans who have sold our beers with love, right up to the customers who have sipped them.
Together, we are a group of beer lovers that can keep on growing: so let’s be honest, open and let’s talk to each other so we can do just that.
We have already demonstrated how we do this in several ways, and will continue to do so, making sure that nobody’s left out: we respect our supply chain, and aim to keep the quality of Italian craft beer high, to let beer lovers drink products that are constantly new and always craft-brewed.

So, we want to work together, we want to become a vehicle for shared growth!
To us, every single actor in the supply chain is crucial, and together – by exchanging our ideas – we can develop as one. Because there’s plenty of demand for good beer in this world, and we’re ready to brew it!

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