Cyberbeer 2020: introducing Granda’s not-to-be-missed upcoming online event!

8 July 2020

Not long to go now – on June 29th, starting at 6:30 pm, we will be hosting live on our Facebook page fans and experts from the world of craft beer for four round tables lasting forty minutes each, alternated with enjoyable beer-tasting breaks!

The pandemic may have brought Italy to a standstill but it has certainly not curbed our desire to grow and be involved.  So what if we can’t we meet live to introduce you to our new beers – we can do it just as well through this first major online event dedicated to the world of craft beer

During Cyberbeer 2020 we will talk about the territory and sustainability, design and the relationship between art and food, craftsmanship and current affairs.  

The idea is to team up and begin finally to create a real movement for the protection and promotion of the authentic brewing culture. And helping us will be Chiara Cavalleris, managing editor of Dissapore, with the invaluable contribution of Kuaska, Eugenio Signoroni and Luca Giaccone, and many other guests.   

Between one talk and another we will at last reveal all the news that we have jealously guarded up until now, and you will be able to see live all the new arrivals at Granda!

Curious to see what will happen?
Personally, we can’t wait – we will be there waiting for you live, with a Granda beer in hand. Join us online from 6 pm to wait together for the start of the talks scheduled for 7:00 pm!

Confirm your participation and don’t forget to take part: during the event you will have the chance to win many special prizes from Granda and to interact live with questions, comments and queries, which we will be happy to answer!

Here is the complete CyberBeer2020 programme:

[6.30 pm – 7.00 pm] INTRODUCTION 

1) [7.00 pm – 7.40 pm] 


What it means to be an agricultural brewery. 

Creating the supply chain in the territory and promoting a circular economy to develop the local context and its business, while reducing waste. 

Hosted by Chiara Cavalleris, Editor-in-Chief of Dissapore

  • Lukas Weber (Local Bra – Bottega Alimentare), 
  • Jacopo Visani (Associazione SenzaSpreco), 
  • Massimo De Marco (Dissapore)
  • Ivano Astesana 
  • Chiara Cavalleris (Dissapore)

2) [7.40 pm – 8.20 pm] 


The long-standing relationship between art and food. 

The possibility of interpreting a product and engaging the fans of the brand through its image. 
Hosted by Chiara Cavalleris, Editor-in-Chief of Dissapore

  • Kelly Romanaldi (Artista)
  • Giulio Castagnaro (Artista)
  • Riccardo Colombo (Artista)
  • Fabio Petani (Artista)
  • Anna e Anastasia (Blogger – Travel on Art)
  • Blushu  (Blogger – BBQ da Blushu)
  • Ivano  Astesana
  • Chiara Cavalleris (Dissapore)

3) [8.20 pm – 9.00 pm] 


What does it mean to be a craft brewery in Italy? The advantage of diversity for consumers and drinking places; the organoleptic value but also that of health. What can the craft brewery movement contribute on an international level? 
Hosted by Chiara Cavalleris, Editor-in-Chief of Dissapore

  • Kuaska (Esperto)
  • Eugenio Signoroni (Guida Birre d’Italia – Slow Food)
  • Luca Giaccone (Guida Birre d’Italia – Slow Food)
  • Francesco Giancaterino (Responsabile Birreria – Mercato Centrale Firenze)
  • Giovanni Puglisi (Dissapore)
  • Stefania Pompele (Dissapore)
  • Ivano Astesana
  • Chiara Cavalleris (Dissapore)

4) [9.00 pm – 9.40 pm]

How can breweries, distributors and drinking places work together to speed recovery after the emergency phase? How is consumption and advertising evolving? The importance of an online presence not only as a direct sales channel but also for promotion and involvement through the telling of a story. 
Hosted by Chiara Cavalleris, Editor-in-Chief of Dissapore

  • Vinhood (Agenzia di consulenza)
  • Folk Beer Shop (Pub Borgomanero)
  • Barley House (Pub Gallarate)
  • Alessandro Maggi (Dissapore)
  • Ivano Astesana
  • Chiara Cavalleris (Dissapore)

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